Sylvain Baillet, PhD

Associate Professor - Interim Director, McConnell Centre - Director, MEG Research - Dynamic Neuroimaging Lab (neuroSPEED)

Sylvain Baillet is a physicist with research interests in methodological developments for functional and structural brain imaging and their application to clinical and cognitive Neuroscience. Although his primary expertise is with MEG (magnetoencephalography, imaging, he also contributed new techniques for MRI image segmentation and inter-subject registration. He has also initiated new image analysis techniques for the early prediction of infarct growth in stroke patients, using diffusion-weighted MR sequences. His current research projects with MEG include real-time therapeutic imaging, the evaluation of resting-state brain activity and connectivity in the healthy and diseased brain, and the development of original data mining and visualization techniques for time-resolved brain image series. He has also great interest in disseminating his research through academic software: he is a founding developer of the Brainstorm open-source software project ( for MEG and EEG imaging with MRI integration.

Bio info: Sylvain Baillet graduated from the Department of Applied Physics at the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan (France) and completed his Ph.D. training in Physics at the University of Paris: Orsay, in 1998. He was with the University of Southern California until 2000, before joining the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS, France) as a tenured Research Scientist. He became the head of the Brain Imaging group at the Cognitive Neuroscience and Brain Imaging CNRS Laboratory in 2005, at the Hopital de La Salpetriere in Paris. In 2008, he took a position as Associate Professor of Neurology & Biophysics at the Medical College of Wisconsin and became the founding Scientific Director of the MEG Program at Froedtert Hospital, in Milwaukee (USA). In 2011, he joined the Montreal Neurological Institute at McGill University as an Associate Professor of Neurology and Neurosurgery and as the founding Director of Research of the MNI’s newly established MEG Program.

Overall, he has co-authored about 60 articles and book chapters and 120 communications in international conferences. He is also co-inventor of 3 international patents.

Faculty and students interested in collaborating or joining Dr Baillet’s Lab and the McGill’s MEG Imaging Program are encouraged to directly contact Dr Baillet (sylvain.baillet <at>

Location:Brain Imaging Centre, North Wing.
Email:sylvain.baillet <at>
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