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MINC (Medical Imaging NetCDF) is a medical imaging data format and an associated set of tools and libraries. MINC was created in 1993 by Peter Neelin at the McConnell Brain Imaging Centre of the Montreal Neurological Institute. Many others have contributed to the design and implementation MINC over the years.

MINC Documentation

MINC Introduction
MINC 1.0 Programmers Guide
MINC 1.0 Programmers Reference
MINC 1.0 File Format Reference
MINC 2.0 Programmer's Guide
MINC 2.0 Programmer's Reference
MINC 2.0 File Format Reference
MINC 2.0 Tutorial (PDF)

MINC Applications

The basic MINC distribution includes several command-line tools for manipulating, examining, and comparing MINC files. In addition, the following oapplications are built using MINC, but are not considered part of the standard MINC distribution.

MINC Downloads


Sources for MINC 1.5.1 (Released 2006-11-30)
Sources for MINC 1.5 (Released 2006-11-13)
Sources for MINC 1.4 (Released 2005-06-02)


Leila Baghdadi has created a Windows binary installation package for MINC 2.0. The most recent version (19 July 2005) is available here.

Sources for MINC 2.0.12 (Released 2006-11-13)
Sources for MINC 2.0.11 (Released 2006-06-29)
Sources for MINC 2.0.10 (Released 2006-04-19)
Sources for MINC 2.0.09 (Released 2005-07-19)
Sources for MINC 2.0.08 (Released 2005-01-28)
Sources for MINC 2.0.07 (Released 2004-06-07)
Sources for MINC 2.0.06 (Released 2004-04-30)

MINC Mailing Lists

You may want to join either or both of the mailing lists minc-users or minc-development. Minc-users is intended for all users of MINC, whereas minc-development is intended for technical discussion of new MINC features and projects.

MINC Links

BIC Knowledge Base
HDF5 Website
NetCDF Website

MINC Publications

HBM 2004 Poster