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The MINC (Medical Imaging NetCDF) 1.0 file format was designed as a specification for medical imaging data building upon the NetCDF (Network Common Data Format) standard [1].

This document is intended to describe the specifics of this layering by defining the essential variables, attributes, and conventions used by MINC files. While this information applies specifically to the implementation of MINC 1.0, much of this information is expected to apply to MINC 2.0. The major change will be in the adaptation or elimination of structural objects as a result of the transition from NetCDF to HDF5 (Hierarchical Data Format) [2]. MINC 2.0 probably will require considerable expansion and clarification of this specification.

Much of the information in this document is excerpted from the MINC Programmer's Reference Manual by Peter Neelin[3].

NOTE: Throughout this document, literal MINC variable names, attribute names, and predefined values are set in a fixed-width font.

Robert VINCENT 2004-05-28