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patient variable attributes

These attributes, which provide identifying information about the patient or subject, are grouped with the patient variable for purposes of namespace organization. They are modeled after ACR-NEMA [1] conventions for patient identification. All of these attributes are optional, and have no default value defined.
  1. address - String giving the patient's address.
  2. age - Number giving the patient's age in years.
  3. birthdate - String specifying the patient's birthdate in the form ``YYYYMMDD''.
  4. full_name - String specifying the full name of the patient.
  5. identification - String specifying identification information for the patient.
  6. insurance_id - String giving the patient's insurance plan id.
  7. other_ids - String giving other identification information for the patient.
  8. other_names - String giving other names for the patient.
  9. sex - String specifying the patient's sex: ``male__'', ``female'' or ``other_''.
  10. size - Number giving patient's height or length in metres.
  11. weight - Number patient's weight in kilograms.

Robert VINCENT 2005-05-10