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Format conversion

The new tool ``mincconvert'' has been created for conversion between MINC 1 and MINC 2 format. To convert a MINC 1 file to a MINC 2 file you would use mincconvert like this:
mincconvert -2 input.mnc output.mnc
To convert from a MINC 2 back to MINC 1 format, omit the ``-2'' option:
mincconvert input.mnc output.mnc

For conversion to MINC 2 from other formats such as Analyze or DICOM, it may be necessary to first convert to MINC 1 format, and then use mincconvert to convert from MINC 1 to MINC 2. This limitation will be removed from future versions of these conversion scripts.

Robert VINCENT 2004-05-28