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Changes and Updates

First draft of the API definition for libminc

THRS APR 24/2003

THRS MAY 01/2003

THRS MAY 02/2003

WED MAY 07/2003 Bert

TUS MAY 20/2003 Leila and John

THU MAY 29/2003 Bert
* Corrected a bunch of minor syntax errors/issues.
* Added complex type as a peer to integer, real, record, etc.
* Proposed changing the term "midge" to a more standard "class".
* Added functions for getting/setting labels in la belled volumes.

MON JUN 02/2003 Leila and John
* Added Attribute Functions.
* Sorted methods in Alphabetical order.

WED JUN 04/2003 Leila and John
* Bert's suggested changes.

THU JUN 05/2003 Bert
* Added ICV stuff.

MON JUN 09/2003 Bert
* Elaborated on complex datatypes.
* Added volume property list functions.
* Added miopen_volume.
* Added "units" functions.

WED JUN 11/2003 Leila and John
* Added the group functions to attribute functions.
* Added the name argument to all attribute functions.
* Created a new flag mivoxel_order_t.
* Cleaned the description of micreate_volume function.
* Moved miget_volume_dimensions from the volume group into the dimension functions group.
* Added a new flag miorder_t.
* Added hyper-cube functions.

THU JUN 12/2003 Bert
* Minor edits.
* Added miclose_volume().

THU JUN 13/2003 Leila and John
* Merged the double and string type attribute functions.
* Added valid min/max and range functions.
* Added the hyper_cube with icv functions.

MON JUL 21/2003 Leila and John and Bert
* Added uniform and non-uniform records.
* Added template volumes.
* Added additional voxel/world conversion functions.

TUE JUL 22/2003 Bert
* Minor edits.
* Added miget_data_type_size.

THU JUL 24/2003 Leila and John
* Added Two new record functions.
* Replaced opague record with non-uniform.

FRI JUL 25/2003 Leila and John and Bert
* Added volume scale functions
* changed miget_data_size to miget_data_type_size

FRI OCT 31/2003 Bert
* Added missing documentation for some functions
* Added mode argument to miopen_volume
* Changed hyper_cube to hyperslab for all relevant functions

SUN FEB 01/2004 Leila
* Updated the entire document according to the current cvs

THU JUL 22/2004 Leila
* Updated miget_slice_scaling_flag : missing parameter

THU AUG 12/2004 Leila
* Removed MI_TYPE_CHAR * Added the attribute listing functions to API

MON AUG 30/2004 Leila
* Added Attribute functions

WED OCT 27/2004 Leila
* Correct the order of parameters in range functions

THU OCT 28/2004 Leila
* Added an extra function to retrive the number of defined labels

MON DEC 13/2004 Leila
* Added some minor changes to the convert functions * Some are not yet implemented.

TUE JAN 18/2005 Leila
* Added some extra definition to the set hyperslab functions

TUE MAR 08/2005 Leila
* Changed BOOLEAN to miboolean_t due to conflicts with other libraries

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