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miget_space_name, miset_space_name - get or set the space type name for
a MINC volume


#include <minc2.h>

int miget_space_name( mihandle_t volume, char **name );

int miset_space_name( mihandle_t volume, const char *name );


miget_space_name retrieves the "space" name of the given volume,
returning a pointer to a string.  The memory allocated
by this function should be released with a call to mifree_name().

miset_space_name will set the space name of the volume.  The new name
must be no greater than 128 characters in length, including the
trailing zero byte.

Space names are used to define the coordinate system of the volume.  Three
standard values are defined by MINC:

MI_NATIVE    "native____"
MI_TALAIRACH "talairach_"
MI_CALLOSAL  "callosal__"

"Native" space specifies the coordinate system of a particular
scanner.  Talairach and callosal are standard coordinate systems for
brain images.

If not explicitly set, the space will be type MI_NATIVE by default.


miget_space_name returns the length of the name retrieved, including
the terminating zero byte.  miset_space_name will return MI_NOERROR
on success.  Both functions return MI_ERROR if an error occurs.



Robert VINCENT 2005-03-09