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miget_dimension_sampling_flag, miset_dimension_sampling_flag - get or set
the sampling flag for a MINC dimension


#include <minc2.h>

int miget_dimension_sampling_flag ( midimhandle_t       dimension,
                                    miboolean_t         *sampling_flag);

int miset_dimension_sampling_flag ( midimhandle_t       dimension,
                                    miboolean_t         sampling_flag);


The miget_dimension_sampling flag function retrieves the value
of the "sampling" flag for a given MINC dimension.  This flag
is true (non-zero) if the dimension is sampled at regular
intervals, and false if the dimension is sampled irregularly.

If a dimension has regular sampling, the miget_dimension_step
function may be used to retrieve the sampling interval, and the
miget_dimension_start function may be used to retrieve the origin
value along the axis.

If a dimension has irregular sampling, the miget_dimension_offsets
function may be used to retrieve the positions of each sample along
that axis.


These functions returns MI_NOERROR on success, or MI_ERROR if an 
error is detected (for example, if a parameter is invalid).

Robert VINCENT 2005-03-09