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miset_real_value_hyperslab - set a real value hyperslab


#include <minc2.h>

int miset_real_value_hyperslab( mihandle_t     volume,
                                mitype_t       buffer_data_type,
                                long           voxel_offsets[],
                                long           sizes[],
                                void           *buffer)


This method sets a real value hyperslab with the specified type and size. 
The void pointer would get casted to the appropriate type once it is used. 
The data_type argument will be used to ensure type compatibility with the 
hyperslab data type. 
It is important to mention that if the apparent dimension order of 
the volume has been set (miset_apparent_dimension_order or 
miset_apparent_dimension_order_by_name) and is different from 
the dimension order of the file, then the buffer will
be re-ordered in-place before the hyperslab is written.  
Hence, the ordering of the data in the buffer is *NOT* preserved 
by this function call.


miset_real_value_hyperslab returns MI_NOERROR if it successfully sets
the hyperslab with specified size and type and MI_ERROR otherwise

Robert VINCENT 2005-03-09