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miset_voxel_value_hyperslab - set a voxel value hyperslab


#include <minc2.h>

int miset_voxel_value_hyperslab( mihandle_t    volume,
                                 mitype_t      buffer_data_type,
                                 long          voxel_offsets[],
                                 long          sizes[],
                                 void          *buffer)


This method sets a voxel value hyperslab with the specified type and size. If
the type does not match a simple C cast will be applied.
It is important to mention that if the apparent dimension order of 
the volume has been set (miset_apparent_dimension_order or 
miset_apparent_dimension_order_by_name) and is different from 
the dimension order of the file, then the buffer will
be re-ordered in-place before the hyperslab is written.  
Hence, the ordering of the data in the buffer is *NOT* preserved 
by this function call.


miset_voxel_value_hyperslab returns MI_NOERROR if it successfully sets the
voxel value hyperslab with specified size and type and MI_ERROR otherwise

Robert VINCENT 2005-03-09