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miget_slice_max - get maximum real value of all the slice


#include <minc2.h>

int miget_slice_max ( mihandle_t        volume,
                      unsigned long     start_positions[],
                      unsigned long     array_length,
                      double            *slice_max)

All of the slice scale (i.e., one scale per slice) functions take an array
of long integer coordinates to specify the slice in particular and the order 
of the coordinates is always set to FILE ORDER of the dimensions (i.e. not the
apparent order). The number of coordinates to specify is the first (n-2) 
dimensions except in the case of a uniform record which is also flattened
(i.e., flatten_flag=1) that is the first (n-3) dimensions.                                


This method returns the slice_max with the minimum real value of
the corresponding slice. Note that this function is not defined for
floating point data type nor it works if the volume is globally scaled.


miget_slice_max returns MI_NOERROR if it successfully returns the slice_max
or MI_ERROR otherwise

Robert VINCENT 2005-03-09