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Handling Matlab figures


Usually, Matlab figures may only be exported as PostScript files. Although these files could then be rasterized to a PICT or RGB as described in section 4.2, there is a more efficient method. There are two Matlab functions of interest, one called makepict(), and the other makergb().

The makepict() function creates a high-resolution Macintosh PICT from either the current figure or a specified figure. The resulting file is suitable for inclusion in PowerPoint. Please type help makepict in Matlab for further information. When the PICT file is included in PowerPoint, it will appear enormous. Scaling it to 15% works well, and when imaged on the slide maker it will be printed with its full resolution.

Similarly to makepict(), the makergb() Matlab function creates a high-resolution IRIS RGB from either the current figure or a specified figure.

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