JIV view of bert_20030430_mri:

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NOTE: In the JIV window, you can "right-click" to get popup menus.
When looking at the images, remember that left is left and right is right!

Please read:

  1. compatibility info
  2. Help on using JIV


  1. The (very large) data files displayed by JIV will be cached by your web browser if you set its disk-cache size to a large enough value. If a data file is cached locally, it will load a lot faster next time when you display it in JIV.
  2. Some web browsers do not properly free-up the allocated memory after the applet is disposed of. Hence, if you are starting JIV several times in a row, then your browser's process size may become quite large. If this is a problem, simply restart the browser to free-up the memory.

Chris Cocosco (crisco@bic.mni.mcgill.ca)

Last modified: Mon May 5 08:54:35 2003