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Multiple Volume Output

Similarly to the multiple volume input, there are routines for providing output to a file by subvolumes.

public  Minc_file  initialize_minc_output(
    char                   filename[],
    int                    n_dimensions,
    STRING                 dim_names[],
    int                    sizes[],
    nc_type                file_nc_data_type,
    BOOLEAN                file_signed_flag,
    Real                   file_voxel_min,
    Real                   file_voxel_max,
    General_transform      *voxel_to_world_transform,
    Volume                 volume,
    minc_output_options    *options )

Opens a MINC file for creation. The arguments specify the number of dimensions and the names of each dimension, as well as the sizes in each dimensions. The type of the file is controlled by the four parameters, file_nc_data_type, file_signed_flag, file_voxel_min, and file_voxel_max. The transformation to world coordinates is specified by the voxel_to_world_transform argument. The volume is attached to file for output. The volume must have no more dimensions than the file and the names of each dimension must match with one of the dimensions in the file. The options are as specified for the output_volume function. Note that, unlike the output_volume function, if the image minimum and maximum are not specified, then the output file will have a separate image minimum and maximum for each image.

public  int  get_minc_file_id(
    Minc_file  file )

Returns the MINC id of the file, a handle which can be used to perform MINC functions on the file.

public  Status  copy_auxiliary_data_from_minc_file(
    Minc_file   file,
    char        filename[],
    char        history_string[] )

Copies the auxiliary information from the MINC file specified in the filename argument to the open MINC file.

public  Status  output_minc_volume(
    Minc_file   file )

Outputs the attached volume to the MINC file in the current file position. The file position is advanced by the size of the volume.

public  Status  output_volume_to_minc_file_position(
    Minc_file   file,
    Volume      volume,
    int         volume_count[],
    long        file_start[] )

More general routine to output the specified volume to the MINC file in the specified position. Since this routine does not update the file position, it does not interfere with normal volume output using the function output_minc_volume. The volume hyperslab defined by volume_count is written to the file starting at the given file position.

public  Status  close_minc_output(
    Minc_file   file )

Closes the MINC file.

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