The goal of this database is to share in vivo medical images of patients wtith brain tumors to facilitate the development and validation of new image processing algorithms.

Pre- and post-operative MR, and intra-operative ultrasound images have been acquired from 14 brain tumor patients at the Montreal Neurological Institute in 2010. All patients signed a specific consent form for the distrbution of their anonymized images online (NEU-09-010). Each patient had a pre-operative and a post-operative T1-weighted MR with gadolinium and multiple B-mode images pre- and post-resection. Corresponding features were manually selected in some image pairs for validation. All images are in MINC format, the file format used at our institute for image processing.

The images were acquired with our prototype neuronavigation system IBIS NeuroNav by two neurosurgeons: Dr Rolando Del Maestro and Dr Kevin Petrecca wth the help and training of PhD student Laurence Mercier. Neurosurgeon Dr Claire Haegelen and neuroradiologist Dr David Araujo helped selecting manual tags for validation. The principal investgator of this project is Dr Louis Collins.