Najmeh Khalili-Mahani, PhD

Research Associate, ACE Neuroimaging laboratory

We grasp external space through our bodily situation ... Our body is not in space like things; it inhabits or haunts space ... it is our expression in the world, the visible form of our intentions. Even our most secret affective movements, those mostly tied to the hormonal infrastructure, help to shape our perception of things.
Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Phenomenology of Perception

Contact Information
(514) 398-1799

Academic background

Postdoctoral Fellowship, Leiden University, Leiden, The Netherlands (2009-2013)

Pharmacological Neuroimaging I have been assessing various analytical approaches for drug "finger-printing" using RsfMRI & pseudocontinuous arterial spin labeling in crossover placebocontrolled pharmacological experiments.
Supervisor: Dr. Serge Rombouts

PhD Neuroscience (2004-2009, McGill University, Montreal)

Thesis: Observing the Stressed Brain: Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Neural Correlates of Hypthalamus Pituitary Adrenal Axis Function
Supervisors: Drs. Jens C. Pruessner and Alan C. Evans.

Master of Art: Film & Media Studies (2001-2008, part-time, Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema, Montreal)

Research Focus: Audience and Reception Studies; National Cinemas; Postmodern cultural theory.
Advisors: Drs. Mario Falsetto, Rosanna Maule, Erin Manning, Peter Rist

Master of Biomedical Engineering (1998-2001; McGill University, Montreal)

Master's Thesis: Design and Implementation of 3D Orbital Navigator Echoes for Measurement of Rigid Body Motion in Echo Planar Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Slides
Supervisor: Dr Bruce Pike

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (1995-1998; Concordia University, Montreal)

Undergraduate thesis: Computational Modelling (FDTD) of Electromagnetic Radiation of Cellular Phone Antenna in the User's Head.
Supervisors: Drs. Christopher W. Trueman

Current Projects

I have recently returned to Professor Evan's lab as a research associate. I will be contributing to further development of the CBrain platform for translational neuroimaging research.

I have ongoing collaborations with professors Albert Dahan, and Serge Rombouts in Leiden University Medical Center, and through examining drug effects on cerebral perfusion and functional connectivity, investigate the cerebrovascular and the neurochemical substrates of brain functional networks, with the ultimate aim to develop objective biomarkers for detecting abnormal brain function--in disease and development.

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