Samir Das

Project Manager & Software Developer
ACE Labs
McConnell Brain Imaging Center
Montreal Neurological Instititute
Office phone: (514) 398-1853



Welcome to my homepage at the BIC. I currently serve as a project manager for a number of neuroimaging projects. I am a graduate of the University of Alberta. My education began in Engineering and then migrated to Mathematics and Computing Science. My work at the BIC has focused on image processing, software developement, database design, and project management. My focus in image processing analysis has been in the areas of cortical thickness analysis and voxel-based morphometry. I have also spent much time becoming familiar with multivariate statistical analysis and linear modeling. My plan has always been to become half as amazing a programmer as Jonathan Harlap and twice as knowledgable in image processing as Pierre Bellec. I'd even like to develop a moderately decent understanding of the human brain anatomy in these pursuits. If I do not acheive these goals I will become a rock star.


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