About Me

I'm a former PhD candidate in the School of Computer Science, and I have another web page there. I have finished my PhD and have now moved on to image-guided therapy.

BIC Software

See the official page for BIC and MNI software.

I used to maintain release notes for some of the BIC software, but that's all ancient history now. If you have any questions, please use the minc-users mailing list.


There are two mailing lists for MINC. minc users and minc development.

Software Development

Maintainability is probably the most important goal for code.

Parsing Little Languages

I'd like to find a nice toolkit to write quick'n'dirty (but robust, if that's not a contradiction) parsers in a language like python. Probably the Python String-SIG page is the place to start.

John Aycock's paper Compiling Little Languages in Python deals with this topic. Martin v. L÷wis wrote a paper, Towards a Standard Parser Generator, describing the experience of using the packages YAPPS and SPARK in writing a python-based parser.

Jack Crenshaw has a large series of articles on parsing, as seen by a physicist.

CVS Stuff

You can have a look at the slides I used during the tutorial (18 June 1999), either one at a time, or a gzipped tar file of them.

Before starting to use CVS, I recommend copying this .cvsrc file into your home directory. It contains the most useful default set of switches for several commands.

I also recommend reading the CVS manual (info cvs), and visiting the searchable FAQ pages. There's lots more info starting at Pascal Molli's CVS Bubbles site, including links to tutorials and other stuff.

And don't forget about cvs --help.

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