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The BIC Programming Library


BICPL is the BIC Programming Library, a set of functions for manipulating volumes, objects such as polygons and lines, some basic geometry, and some general programming utilities. It is based on top of the MNI Volume IO library, which is described in a separate document.

BICPL is available at the McConnell Brain Imaging Centre (BIC) at the Montreal Neurological Institute. It was developed as part of a medical imaging software testbed by David MacDonald, with source code and considerable input from Peter Neelin, Louis Collins, and others at the Centre.

Compiling and Linking with bicpl

The library name is bicpl, and will usually reside in a file named libbicpl.a (static) or (shared). The main header file for the library is <bicpl.h>.

A typical program using bicpl will need to link against several libraries: cc test_bicpl.c -o test_bicpl -lbicpl -lvolume_io -lminc -lnetcdf -lm

See the documentation for the BIC Volume IO Library for more information on the list of libraries on the link line.

Note that you may need to specify where to find the headers and library file by using -I and -L options, respectively. For example, cc test_bicpl.c -o test_bicpl -I/usr/local/mni/include -L/usr/local/mni/lib -lbicpl -lvolume_io -lminc -lnetcdf -lm

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