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miget_dimension_class, miset_dimension_class - get or set the class of
a MINC dimension.


#include <minc2.h>

int miget_dimension_class ( midimhandle_t       dimension,
                            midimclass_t        *class );

int miset_dimension_class ( midimhandle_t       dimension,
                            midimclass_t        class);


The "class" of a MINC dimension defines the general type of a dimension, 
whether it is a spatial dimension, a time dimension, or a frequency dimension
as transformed from either space or time.  User-defined dimension are also
permitted, with no default handling assumed. Finally, a record can be specified
as a dimension.

The definition of midimclass_t is as follows:

typedef enum { 
MI_DIMCLASS_ANY         = 0,            /* Don't care (or unknown) */
MI_DIMCLASS_SPATIAL     = 1,            /* Space */
MI_DIMCLASS_TIME        = 2,            /* Time */
MI_DIMCLASS_SFREQUENCY  = 3,            /* Spatial frequency */
MI_DIMCLASS_TFREQUENCY  = 4,            /* Temporal frequency */
MI_DIMCLASS_USER        = 5,            /* Arbitrary user-defined axis */
MI_DIMCLASS_FLAT_RECORD = 6             /* Record as dimension */

} midimclass_t;

While the MINC library does not enforce any particular semantics based
upon dimension class, individual MINC programs may define default
behaviors for certain classes of dimensions.


Returns MI_NOERROR on success, or MI_ERROR on failure.

Robert VINCENT 2005-03-09