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miget_dimension_cosines, miset_dimension_cosines - Get or set the dimension's
cosine vector.


#include <minc2.h>

int miget_dimension_cosines ( midimhandle_t dimension,
                              double        cosines[3]);

int  miset_dimension_cosines ( midimhandle_t dimension,
                               const double  cosines[3]);


Spatial dimension in MINC volumes may be associated with a vector of direction
cosines which define the precise orientation of the axis relative to "true"
x, y, or z coordinates.

The direction cosine vector always consists of exactly three values
which correspond to the x, y, and z directions, respectively.  This is
true regardless of the ordering of dimensions in a specific volume or
data object.

Because of the direction cosines, it is possible for MINC volumes to
define non-orthogonal dimensions.

These functions fail if the dimension is not of the spatial class.


Returns MI_NOERROR on success, or MI_ERROR on failure.

Robert VINCENT 2005-03-09