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ICV routines

Accessing a file through an icv is a straight-forward process. Create the icv with miicv_create, set properties (like desired datatype) with the miicv_set routines, attach the icv to a NetCDF variable with miicv_attach and access the data with miicv_get or miicv_put. The icv can be detached from a NetCDF variable with miicv_detach and can be freed with miicv_free.

Icv properties are strings, integers, long integers or doubles. For example, MI_ICV_SIGN (the sign of variable values) is a string, while MI_ICV_IMAGE_MAX (image maximum) is a double precision value. Four functions -- miicv_setint, miicv_setlong, miicv_setdbl and miicv_setstr -- are provided to simplify the setting of property values. Programs can inquire about property values with miicv_inqint, miicv_inqlong, miicv_inqdbl and miicv_inqstr.

Robert VINCENT 2004-05-28