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I am no longer at the MNI - I now use functional MRI to study human visual cortex with Roger Tootell, Anders Dale and Bruce Rosen at the NMR Center of the Massachusetts General Hospital. But I am also (gulp) a PhD student in the Department of Neurology & Neurosurgery in McGill University. My original background is in electrical engineering, but I work with functional neuroimaging. Just like everyone else at the Brain Imaging Center. My PhD work concerns the coupling between focal changes in neural activity and oxidative metabolism in human visual cortex. My supervisor(s) are Albert Gjedde (who is at the Aarhus PET Center in Denmark) and Alan Evans.

Here is a dated list of representative publications and also a few abstracts.. There is some more stuff out that has my name on it due to the honest effort of others.

Some software projects

Two projects that I am particularly proud of, although I didn't do any of the hard work. Numero uno was a data-acquisition system for quantitative PET studies. It was designed constructed and documented by Mark Wolforth who called the system BloodLab . It is now used routinely for studies at the MNI that require blood sampling. The second was an enviroment for analyzing PET data, especially dynamic PET data, using the MATLAB numerical analysis enviroment. This project (known as EMMA was designed, implemented and coded by Mark Wolforth and Greg Ward .

Obligatory image dose: These images demonstrate increases of oxygen metabolism in visual cortex both after sustained stimulation ans also during different stimulus conditions after 3 minutes of stimulation.

In Real Life

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