Choosing biomedical engineering

I was in High School when I first decided that biomedical engineering was the perfect path for me: combining engineering and medicine was exactly what I wanted. At the time, biomedical engineering was only offered at the graduate level, so I chose computer engineering for my Bachelor's at Polytechnique of Montreal. During my first year I participated in a project called CIPO where I lived in El Salvador for 11 weeks, during which I built a school with the local community and 8 fellow engineering students. As I had learned German for years, I also decided to do a one year exchange at the University of Stuttgart to perfect my German.

After my Bachelor's I switched to McGill for my graduate studies. I was very interested by the image-guided surgery projects proposed by Dr Collins. Through the years I have discovered the extraordinary research environment that the MNI offers: a research environment inside a hospital where engineers, neurosurgeons, biologists, neuropsychologists, etc. all work hand in hand. Below is a picture of me doing research for my PhD, working with Dr Del Maestro on an ultrasound-guided brain tumor surgery.


Promoting the love of sciences

Through the years I have volunteered for numerous activities to promote the love of sciences:

  • 2003 - Present: Countless presentations for teenagers at several of MNI's annual events: Discovery Day, Brain Awareness Week, McGill Exploration Day, MNI Open House, etc.
  • 2006 - 2007: Judge for the regional final of the Expo-Science for high school and elementary levels.
  • 2003 - 2006: Scientific presenter at the Les filles et les sciences un duo électrisant, an annual event for high school girls.