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Data access

General information:

Qualified researchers are biomedical or biobehavioral researchers who are studying normal brain development, disorders, or diseases and/or who are developing image processing tools.

Qualified researchers may apply by completing the data use certification, available through this website.

Qualified researchers who have received approval may access the database via the login link in the menu at the top-right of this page. Full and partial data sets of clinical/behavioral and image data are available for download.

Approval for data access will remain in effect for one year, after which a new application and Data Use Certification will be required.

Data integrity:


Application procedures:

System requirements:

The database is configured to run on any operating system (Windows, Macintosh, or LINUX/UNIX systems). However, please note that our database is configured to run in the Firefox browser. There are some features which will not work properly using other browsers, such as Internet Explorer. For ideal viewing, please set screen resolution to at least 1024*768.

Software and tools (available free of charge through the NIH website):

Image data is made available in MINC as well as in NIFTI-1 (ANALYZE) format. Several recommended viewers are available for download.

In order to view images in MINC, the following viewers are also available for download (http://www.bic.mni.mcgill.ca/software/):