The 2003 MINC workshop

A workshop on the MINC fileformat and associated brain-imaging software toolkit was held on November 19th, 2003, in Montreal. This page serves to bring together the content of that workshop in one place for those who couldn't make it or would like to follow up on what was said.

The presentations

PresenterTopicPowerpoint filePDF file
John Sled The basics of the MINC toolkit Powerpoint PDF
Jason Lerch Pipelines for analyzing structural data Powerpoint PDF
Louis Collins Registration techniques and issues Powerpoint PDF
Steve Robbins The command line tools Powerpoint PDF
Keith Worsley fMRI analysis and fmristat still missing still missing
Andrew Janke Getting data into MINC and other MINC tools Powerpoint PDF
Robert Vincent The future of MINC Powerpoint PDF

The CD (MINC-1.2)

The contents of the CD that was given away at the workshop can be found on our software distribution web pages.

Further questions

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