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I've moved on!

As of August 1998, I no longer work at the Brain Imaging Centre, so this page is out-of-date. I'm leaving it here as a poignant memorial to my four years (!) of hacking brain mapping data and the tools that process it. If you're looking for some of the software I've written, try these quick links:

My new home page is at http://starship.python.net/~gward/, and my current email address is gward@python.net.

My Former Life

Ego: From September 1994 until August 1998, I was a full-time research assistant/systems analyst/hacker at the McConnell Brain Imaging Centre, Montreal Neurological Institute, McGill University.

Alter Ego: From September 1994 until March 1998, I was also working (half-time) towards a master's degree in computer science, also at McGill University. For a while I wanted to be a compiler geek, but that never happened. In the end, I took something initially written for work and turned it into btOOL, a programmer's interface to BibTeX databases.

You might also be interested in EMMA, a package conceived by Sean Marrett and developed by Mark Wolforth and myself in the summer (and fall...) of 1993. EMMA is a set of tools for MATLAB developed for reading medical imaging data from MINC files and processing the data in MATLAB. In its current release (0.9), EMMA includes toolkits for rCBF (regional cerebral blood flow) and FDG analysis. In the future, the toolkits will be split up into separate packages (much like MathWorks' own MATLAB toolkits).

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