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Slide Imaging

The method of imaging depends upon the export technique chosen (see the previous section for a description of the two possibilities). If your slides were saved as EPS, simply add each one to the list of files in POM. They will be individually imaged, but unfortunately no preview will be available. They are automatically scaled to fit the slide, and it is not necessary to change any parameters from the default.

If your slides were saved in a single PostScript file things are a bit more complicated. The single PostScript file contains the slides ``printed'' on standard 8.5''x11'' sheets, since Showcase assumes that you intend to send the PostScript file to a regular paper printer. Therefore, the images must be rotated and scaled properly by POM. Add the PostScript file to the list of files to be imaged, and then double click on its name. An option screen will appear, and in the bottom left hand corner is a pull down menu called ``Prefs...''. Select the option ``Showcase Letter PostScript prefs''.

Although no preview is available in POM, it is possible to preview your EPS or PostScript files on an SGI, using ghostview. Simply run ghostview with the name of the file.

As a final note, make sure that the POM imaging parameters (resolution, brightness, etc.) are set correctly. Please see section 5.2 for a list of the parameters.

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