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Making Slides with PowerPoint

PowerPoint is a slide creation tool produced by Microsoft. It runs on both PC's under Windows (either 3.1 or '95), and Mac's. There is one generally available copy in the BIC, and it runs on Mariana.

As mentioned previously, unlike Showcase, PowerPoint has slide creation as its sole purpose in life. It does not have the 3D features of Showcase, but is generally easier to use. Additionally, it does not usually require that EPS or PostScript files be created for the slide maker, but allows a much simpler output format to be used. This means that slides image faster, and also that slide previews are available in POM.

This section describes how to use PowerPoint to create slides that will be imaged properly on the slide maker, and is divided into two parts. The first part details how to create and save the slides in PowerPoint. The second explains how to image the slides on the slide maker.

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