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Scientific contact:
Dr. Sylvain Baillet, Interim Director, McConnell Brain Imaging Centre (BIC)
Telephone: (514) 398–5469
email: sylvain.baillet AT

For administrative questions or assistance, please contact:
Ms. Grace Flynn, Administrative Assistant, McConnell Brain Imaging Centre (BIC)
Telephone: (514) 398–8554
email: grace.flynn AT

News & Events

  • Montreal Resting-State fMRI Workshop
    2014–04–22 An opportunity to learn about the status of RSfMRI research in Montreal, and to become familiar with important neurophysiological, clinical and methodological aspects of this research.
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  • BIC Lrcture Series - Apr 22 @ 1pm
    2014–04–17 Prof George Mitsis - McGill Dept of Bioengineering

Modelling of systemic and regional cerebral hemodynamics with data-driven methods
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  • Feindel Brain Imaging Lecture @ the BIC
    2014–04–02 ‘Neurovascular Coupling in the Human Brain’

Dr. Kevin Whittingstall Assistant Professor, U of Sherbrooke. Monday Apr 07 @ 1pm (MNI, deGranpré, 3801 University, 1pm)

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