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  • Feindel BIC Lecture Series - June 30 @ 1pm
    2014–06–25 A combined MEG and fMRI investigation of human object representations

Radoslaw M. Cichy & Dimitrios Pantazis McGovern Institute & Martinos Imaging Center (MIT) Monday June 30 @ 1pm – deGrandpré Communication Centre Montreal Neurological Institute (3801 University), McGill University
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  • Feindel BIC Lecture Series - June 23 @ 1pm
    2014–06–20 Alzheimer’s Disease Imaging. What’s Genes Got To Do, Got To Do With It? Dr. Aman Badhwar (UNF, University of Montreal; Rick Hoge’s group)
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  • Dr William Feindel: Commemorative Ceremony and Reception
    2014–06–16 A farewell to a passionate neurosurgeon, leader and creative mind.
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