On the following pages you’ll find information about the services and atlases available from the BIC.


There are various atlases that are available from the BIC in the MINC format. On the following pages you’ll find an overview of the atlas, methods, a link to view them online, and a download of the atlas.


The Simulated Brain Database (SBD) contains a set of realistic MRI data volumes produced by an MRI simulator. These data can be used by the neuroimaging community to evaluate the performance of various image analysis methods in a setting where the truth is known.


The Montreal Neurological Institute’s Brain Images of Tumors for Evaluation database contains ultrasound and magnetic resonance images from 14 patients. Each patient underwent a preoperative and a postoperative T1-weighted magnetic resonance scan with gadolinium enhancement, and multiple intraoperative B-mode images were acquired before and after resection. Corresponding features were manually selected in some image pairs for validation.

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