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Feindel BIC Lecture Series - June 30 @ 1pm (2014–06–25)

A combined MEG and fMRI investigation of human object representations Radoslaw M. Cichy & Dimitrios Pantazis McGovern Institute & Martinos Imaging Center (MIT) Monday June 30 @ 1pm – deGrandpré Communication Centre Montreal Neurological Institute (3801 University), McGill University

Feindel BIC Lecture Series - June 23 @ 1pm (2014–06–20)

Alzheimer’s Disease Imaging. What’s Genes Got To Do, Got To Do With It? Dr. Aman Badhwar (UNF, University of Montreal; Rick Hoge’s group)

Dr William Feindel: Commemorative Ceremony and Reception (2014–06–16)

A farewell to a passionate neurosurgeon, leader and creative mind.

Brain Imaging Lecture Series @ The BIC (2014–06–16)

Using Concurrent TMS-fMRI to Measure Network Dynamics in Human Cognition Dr. Colin Hawco

Montreal Resting-State fMRI Workshop (2014–04–22)

An opportunity to learn about the status of RSfMRI research in Montreal, and to become familiar with important neurophysiological, clinical and methodological aspects of this research.

BIC Lrcture Series - Apr 22 @ 1pm (2014–04–17)

Prof George Mitsis - McGill Dept of Bioengineering Modelling of systemic and regional cerebral hemodynamics with data-driven methods

Feindel Brain Imaging Lecture @ the BIC (2014–04–02)

‘Neurovascular Coupling in the Human Brain’ Dr. Kevin Whittingstall Assistant Professor, U of Sherbrooke. Monday Apr 07 @ 1pm (MNI, deGranpré, 3801 University, 1pm)

The BAW committee / Le comité de la Semaine cerveau en tête (2014–03–26)

Dear researchers, Brain Awareness Montreal is currently looking for labs to host summer students (high school & CEGEP) for a week in either July or August as part of our Summer Internship Program for aspiring neuroscientists. We are looking for undergraduate, PhD, Master’s students, or research assistants in your labs to act as supervisors for these students. Please find below a message from our internship coordinator Léa Gagnon. Attached, you will also find a power point with further information and a promotional poster.

Please feel free to contact us at with any questions or comments. 

Your help is greatly appreciated both by us and the future scientists involved in our program. 

Thank you for your time and assistance, Jacqueline  Volunteer Recruitment Coordinator BAW/ CeT 2014

The Feindel Brain Imaging Lecture Series @ The BIC (2014–03–21)

OMM (Open Methods Meetups): Multivariate Pattern Analysis of fMRI using Python – Mike Klein

Feindel Brain Imaging Lecture Series @ The BIC (2014–03–15)

Open Methods Meet-ups featuring the software tools developed at the BIC

7th Annual Denis Melançon Neuroradiology Conference - October 16, 2014 (2014–02–26)

Special BIC Lecture (2014–02–20)

Tuesday, Feb 25 @ 1pm dGPCC Giorgio Bonmassar, Assistant Professor of Radiology, Harvard Medical School

Feindel Brain Imaging Lecture Series @ The BIC (2014–02–20)

Open Methods Meetup: MRI Registration Dr. Hassan Rivaz (Collins Lab)

Feindel Brain Imaging Lecture Series @ The BIC (2014–02–13)

Open Methods Meetup: Diffusion Analysis with MINC Tools Dr Ilana Leppert (Research Assistant, MRI core, BIC)

Neurology Grand Rounds (2014–02–07)

Dr. Alain Dagher, MD, PhD Professor @ BIC Principal Investigator Brain Networks: Determinants of Brain Function and Targets for Neurodegeneration

BIC Lecture Series - Feb 10 @ 1pm (2014–02–06)

Prof. Thien Thanh DANG-VU (Concordia) Functional imaging of the sleeping and sleep-disordered brainFunctional imaging of the sleeping and sleep-disordered brain

Volunteers needed for Brain Awareness Week (BAW)! (2014–02–05)

BIC Lecture Series - Feb 03 @ 1pm (2014–01–30)

Dr. Naj Mahani: “Physiological-noise correction in resting-state fMRI.”

Alan C. Evans to give the 8th William-Feindel lecture this week (2014–01–28)

BIC principal investigator to deliver prestigious lecture at the 6th Scientific Workshop of the Quebec Bioimaging Nework.

BIC Lecture Series - Jan 27 @ 1pm (2014–01–23)

Dr Nikola Stikov (BIC) : MRI‬ Quantification of Local Tissue Volume and Composition in Individual Brains

In the press (2014–01–21)

The BIC’s MEG Group develops ground-breaking technology to perform real-time brain imaging with feedback.

Pathways & Connections (2014–01–20)

How does one become a successful neuroscientist?

Conference of Pr Stanilas Dehaene - Jan 24 @ 10am - UdeM (2014–01–18)

BIC Lecture (2014–01–17)

Structural MRI Analysis in the Study of Cognition, Large-Scale Networks, and Brain Pathology — Dr. Boris Bernhardt

William Feindel (1918-2014) (2014–01–16)

Founding BIC and MNI Director is dearly missed.

The BIC wiki has a new face! (2013–12–04)

BIC on Facebook (2013–10–31)

The BIC has a new Facebook page!

Brain magic: The power of placebo. (2013–10–24)

CBC Nature of Things Report on Brain magic: The power of placebo.

Robert Zatorre Report on Music Study (2013–10–24)

Le Code Chastenay reports on « Apprendre la musique avant 7 ans transforme notre cerveau »

Alain Dagher on Radio-Canada (2013–10–24)

Radio-Canada Quelle Histoire Alain Dagher interviewed about what happens in the brain during sports.

Big Brain Interview (2013–10–24)

PBS Mountain Lake Journal Report about the Big Brain Atlas.

Explora TV (2013–10–24)

Watch the interview with Sylvain Baillet at the MEG on Explora TV!

Canadian MEG Consortium (2011–12–06)

CMC MEG Training Workshop & Brainstorm Course a success!

Welcome to Dr. Sylvain Baillet (2011–06–22)

We are delighted to announce that Dr. Sylvain Baillet has been recruited to head the BIC’s new MEG facility. Sylvain Baillet is a physicist with …

Dr. David Colman (1949-2011) (2011–06–02)

It is with great sadness that we announce the sudden passing of Dr. David Colman…

Ernst Meyer (1942-2010) (2010–02–10)

It is with tremendous sadness that we announce the passing of Dr. Ernst Meyer. Ernst passed away on February 5, 2010 after a battle with cancer.

BrainWeb/Software page problems (2009–12–16)

The new web page has some kinks for BrainWeb and Software pages.

New BIC web page (2009–11–05)

The new BIC web page is now available, complete with new design and content.

1st phase of new BIC Web Pages deployed (2009–04–03)

A new BIC webpage based on a PMwiki has been designed, installed and content has been transferred from the old web site.

Keith John Worsley (1951-2009) (2009–03–27)

Obituary - It is with the deep sadness that we announce the passing of one the greatest figures in the brain mapping field…