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Welcome to the McConnell Brain Imaging Centre (BIC) of the Montreal Neurological Institute, McGill University. The BIC is a multidisciplinary research centre dedicated to advancing our understanding and treatment of neurological diseases by creating and using imaging methods to study the human nervous system. It is also one of the largest, multimodal brain imaging service platforms worldwide, serving a community of 100+ investigators and generating a volume of 2,500 research scans per year. The BIC is also renown for major academic software applications and multiple spin-off biomedical imaging companies created by its Faculty members over its 30 years of existence.

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It is our great pleasure to share with you the good news that Dr Nikola Stikov (BIC, Pike lab) has been selected as a Junior Fellow of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM). Peter Jezzard (President of ISMRM) emphasized how the review committee was impressed with Nikola’s track record, academic potential and commitment to the #ISMRM through membership and attendance at ISMRM-sponsored events. Nikola has been selected as a presenter at the Society’s upcoming meeting in Milan, Italy (http://www.ismrm.org/14/).

Said Prof Jezzard, Nikola’s award is a reflection of both the excellent research conducted at the BIC and of the opportunities that our Centre gives to junior researchers. The benefits and recognition associated with this scheme should provide Nikola with significant assistance in his career.

Please join us in sending warm congratulations to Nikola for this significant achievement, early in his career.

The BIC and the entire Neuro community is sad to announce that Dr William Feindel, the BIC’s founding Director (1984–88) and former Neuro Director, passed away quietly on January 12, 2014 at The Neuro. Please see Dr Rouleau’s note below; a more detailed obituary will follow later this week. Dr Feindel has always been a passionate clinician, with a strong drive for groundbreaking techniques and imaging science at the MNI. With Drs Melançon and Ethier, around the late 1970′s, he contributed the installation of the first Body-Scan tomograph in Canada and about 5 years later, of the first MR scanner in the country. He also promoted the development at the BIC of the first PET system in the world to detect brain tumors and stroke. Everyone at the BIC continues to be inspired by his passion for innovation in imaging technology. Dr Feindel has been the most faithful attendee of our weekly BIC lectures and many students will remember his most-germane questions as an auditor of their MSc and PhD defense. Full obituary in the McGill Reporter

Portrait adapted from François Fortin’s neuro-portrait of Dr Feindel.

News & Events

  • Feindel BIC Lecture Series - June 30 @ 1pm
    2014–06–25 A combined MEG and fMRI investigation of human object representations

Radoslaw M. Cichy & Dimitrios Pantazis McGovern Institute & Martinos Imaging Center (MIT) Monday June 30 @ 1pm – deGrandpré Communication Centre Montreal Neurological Institute (3801 University), McGill University
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  • Feindel BIC Lecture Series - June 23 @ 1pm
    2014–06–20 Alzheimer’s Disease Imaging. What’s Genes Got To Do, Got To Do With It? Dr. Aman Badhwar (UNF, University of Montreal; Rick Hoge’s group)
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  • Dr William Feindel: Commemorative Ceremony and Reception
    2014–06–16 A farewell to a passionate neurosurgeon, leader and creative mind.
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