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Preparing Blood Data

The EMMA function resampleblood that is used in rCBF to get the blood data expects the data to either be included in the image MINC file, or to be contained in a netCDF file with a .bnc ending.

In order to assist the user by creating the .bnc file, there is a utility called bloodtonc. This program takes a .cnt file, and converts it to a .bnc file that will be read by the rCBF package.

To perform the conversion, use FTP to transfer the .cnt file from the VAX to the SGI using ASCII mode. Next, type:

     bloodtonc filename.cnt filename.bnc

where filename is the name of the file (eg. arnaud_20547). In order for resampleblood to find the .bnc file, it must be in the same directory as the .mnc file that contains the images. Therefore, make sure that they are in the same directory before performing the analysis using rCBF.

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