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This document is the user manual for the rCBF (regional Cerebral Blood Flow) package developed at the Montreal Neurological Institute McConnell Brain Imaging Centre during the summer of 1993. This kinetic analysis package runs under MATLAB, in conjunction with EMMA (Extensible MATLAB Medical Analysis), a package developed at the same time.

The rCBF package described in this document performs a full two-compartment analysis of cerebral blood flow, including performing blood delay and dispersion correction. It is intended as a working example for future developers of MATLAB analysis packages, in addition to being a useful analysis tool. Therefore, this document places more emphasis on the structure and organization of the software than on the actual use of the software.

The authors would like to thank Sean Marrett for being the driving force behind this project. He provided invaluable guidance when all seemed lost.

Mark Wolforth <>
Greg Ward <>
Sean Marrett <>