Irina Kezele

Ph.D. Student -

PhD candidate in biomedical engineering.Research topic- nonlinear deformations analysis and applications to focalatrophy in multiple sclerosis2003- current PhD, Biomedical Engineering, McGill University2001–2003 Masters, Biomedical Engineering, McGill University (transferred to PhD)Peer-reviewed publications:Kezele I., Chen J, Arnold D, Collins DL, ìThe importance of focal,lesion-related atrophy in multiple sclerosisî, submitted.Kezele I. Janke LA., LeNezet P., Prima S., Arnold LD., Collins DL., ìRegional GMLoss in RR and SP Multiple Sclerosisî, NeuroImage 22: WE 361 S1, 2004.Tutorials:Kezele I., ì Redundancy and Synergism in Feature Selectionî- Tutorial acceptedfor: Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis (PRIA) 6, Velikiy Novgorod, RussianFederation, October 21–26, 2002.

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