The BIC has a number of alumni members who are now placed around the world. If you are one of them, and would like to be included on this list, please send your name, years at the BIC, supervisor, and current position to web AT, and we will add you.

Kamakshi (Karma) Advani, B.Eng. Master’s Student email
Jeff Atkinson
Michel Audette
Alexandre Bastos
Pierre Bellec, Ph.D. Post Doctoral Fellow email
Christian Bénar
Eric Benoit Research Associate email
Patrick Bermudez
Richard Bittar
Anne Blood
Vincent Bonhomme
Steve Brass
Scott Broadbent, B.Sc. Student Assistant email
Genevieve Cadoret
Mallar Chakravarty Ph.D. Student email
Arnaud Charil, Ph.D. Post doc at the Douglas Hospital/McGill University
Julie Charron
Jacqueline Chen Ph.D. Student email
Jean Chen Ph.D. Student email
Jeni Chen
Charmaine Chia, B.Sc. Master’s Student email
Diego Clonda
Roch Comeau
Luis Concha, MD, PhD Post Doctoral Fellow email
Gérard Crelier
Emma Duerden
Serge Dumoulin
Simon Duschesne Ph.D. Student email
Leticia Forester
Luke Fu Master’s Student email
Alfonso Garcia-Asensi
Rezwan Ghassemi Post Doctoral Fellow email
Bradford Gill
Yael Goldberg Research Associate email
Narly Golestani, Ph.D. Senior Fellow, University College London email
Berta Gonzalez email
Mark Griffin
Brian Ha
Richard Hoge
Andrew Janke, Ph.D. Research Associate email
Ingrid Johnsrude
Reza Kasrai
Rastko Kavaceic
Irina Kezele Ph.D. Student email
Najmeh Khalili Ph.D. Student email
Ji Hyun Ko, Ph.D. Postdoctoral fellow at University of Toronto email
Lisa Koski, Ph.D. Assistant Professor; Director, RVH Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Lab email
Remi Kwan
Jonathan C. Lau, M.Eng. email
Andreas Lazda
Jason Learch
Ives Levesque, M.Sc. Ph.D. Student email
Sean Marrett
Andre Matos Ph.D. Student email
David McDonald
Kelvin Mok Neuronavigation Unit email
Jorge Moreno
Catherine Mortin
Patrice Munger
Shadreck Mzengeza, Ph.D. Former Faculty, Medical Cyclotron Facility email
Pablo Navarro Research Associate email
Julie Pelletier Ph.D. Student email
Peter Petric
Emanuel Procyk
Marita Pruessner, Ph.D. Post Doctoral Fellow email
Thomas Ranger
Ingerid Reinhertsen Ph.D. Student email
Fahrad Riahi
Olivier Rousset
Rick Ruben
Carlos Sanchez
Mike Sinasac
John Sled
Dana Small
Bojana Stefanovic
Philippe St-Jean
Antonio P. Strafella, MD, Ph.D. Former Faculty, Brain Stimulation Lab email
Atsushi Takahashi
Remy Torre
Hugo Tremblay
Jan Warnking
Marguerite Wieckowska
Mark Wolforth
Vivian Woo, B.Sc. Master’s Student email
Nan Zhang