Nikola Stikov, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow - MR Neuroimaging Lab

I am a postdoctoral fellow in the MR Neuroimaging Lab of Dr. Bruce Pike, developing magnetic resonance imaging techniques for quantifying the myelin microstructure. I completed my BS, MS and PhD in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University, and my research advisor was Dr. John Pauly at the Magnetic Resonance Systems Research Laboratory. While at Stanford, I was a teaching assistant for 10 different engineering courses, taught Fourier Transforms at the Stanford Electrical Engineering Department, and worked as a lecturer at the Stanford Center for Technical Innovation in Kyoto, Japan. I am the recipient of the Stanford University Elsie B. Ballantyne fellowship in 1997, the Stanford Electrical Engineering Outstanding Service Award in 2003, the Stanford University Centennial Teaching Assistant Award in 2007, and the fellowship of the MNI Center of Excellence in the Commercialization of Research in 2010.

Telephone:514 398 8547
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