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IBIS Window Age Calculator

The Window Age Calculator - Millenium Edition (WAC-ME) is a tool that might prove to be useful for recruitment scheduling. Simply click on the text box and use the pop-up calender to create all of the Window dates. Since, there still seems to be some confusion and debate about these dates, I felt that this could also be used as a list for the various problems (see below under Notes and Comments).

Enter birthdate (click on text field):

Notes and Comments:

- The defined window ranges seem too restictive at the sub-6 month border and too liberal at the 9 month end. We are already violating the limits with out first recruit, due in on December 6th. This candidate will be 4 days too young. I think we should redefine the actual window ages.

- Note: The screening instruments do not all cater to these rules. For example, the screening instruments like the Telephone Screening Interview (TSI) can be administered far outside these dates.

  Optimal Window Defined Window Dates
Visit # Start Date End Date Start date End Date
6 month (Enter date) (Enter date) (Enter date) (Enter date)
12 Month (Enter date) (Enter date) (Enter date) (Enter date)
18 Month (Enter date) (Enter date) (Enter date) (Enter date)
24 Month (Enter date) (Enter date) (Enter date) (Enter date)
36 Month (Enter date) (Enter date) (Enter date) (Enter date)