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For frequently answered questions, you've come to the right place. Here you will find answers to questions....

1) Where do I get my login IDs?

For each system, the database, the Mantis bug tracking tool and the OWL Document Manager, you will need to notify the DCC (Samir) to create an account for you. For each of these accounts, your email address will likely be the login, and your password can be set as the same for each system, thereby leaving you with only one login ID for each system.

2) Why doesn't my login information work when accessing the Wiki.

The Wiki is on a different server and has a group password. A plan is in place to migrate the Wiki so that you can use your existing login, but for the moment, you'll need to use the common group account. Ask any other group member for the login information, or call Samir.

3) How do I register a candidate in the database?

In order to register a candidate in the database, you need to sign into the database, and then click on the New Profile tab. Enter the necessary demographic information (Date of Birth and Gender) and click the Create button. A DCC ID and PSC ID set will be created.

4) Can I begin data entry for instruments in the Visit stage, before I finish the Screening stage?

No. You'll need to finish entering the screening information before you can start the screening stage. However, this protocol can be discussed.