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Please click to login to the Mantis bug tracking tool

This tool provides the IBIS network with a central location to submit and document all bugs and concerns. Over the course of such projects, often there are many issues that arise. Often, they are nothing more than trivial bugs that need to be fixed, bit at times more complex issues arise. Mantis is a perfect tool to tackle these inevitable circumstances. Not only does it serve as a repository to document all threads discussed (which often proves valuable for future reference), it also acts as a more convenient means of communication and interaction for projects like this where personnel is scattered geographically.

Please note: To access the Mantis bug tracker, you will also need an Mantis account. For the sake of simplicity, this account can be created such that your login/password is identical to the database login. A Mantis link is conveniently located in the database on the left panel to faciltate the entry of any bugs as you find them.

For more information about Mantis, please click here. This guide will give you a description of the various Mantis pages.