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The medical research data management system, know internally as LORIS is a multi-tier application consisting of a MYSQL database with a web-based graphical user interface (GUI), amongst other software. The system is primarily candidate-centric, such that the primary management unit is a candidate, each of which can have one or more timepoints. For multi-center studies, like this one, individual timepoints are associated with a specific study site. At the time of candidate registration, basic demographics are collected, and candidate identifiers are assigned. Similarly, timepoint labels are assigned when adding timepoints to a candidate record. Each timepoint consists of a test battery, composed of a collection of test instruments based on parameters, such as age.

LORIS is used to store MRI data which can be viewed in the MRI browser, as well as behavioural and neuropsychological data, easily entered and seen by selecting a given candidate. This database organises all candidate data into a candidate profile, from which all related data can be obtained. It is designed to follow the workflow of the study as closely as possible, and respond to situations that may occur while working with a candidate profile. The web-based user interface can be accessed from any modern computer with a web browser . Please note that this database has been optimized for the Firefox Browser, but should work reasonably well on any other browser.

For more detailed documentation of the LORIS data management system, please see the Database User Guide (coming shortly).